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International Upire News (IUN)


Monthly from newspapers, magazines and webs       



 Vol 2 (2007)


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Issue 1. January

  • Castle Bran - For Sale

  • No new trial in 'Vampire

  • Romania sinks its teeth into the tourist

  • The talented Dr. Polidori

  • Boyd to star in Gorbals musical

  • Castle Dracula is for suckers


Issue 2. February

  • Vampire love? Arrest made in AZ Valentine's case

  • ‘Vampire’ pleads guilty for sex with underage girls

  • Sentenced for sexual perversion release because he wrote a book


Issue 3. March

  • Culture: Serbian Vampire Hunters 'Slay' Former Dictator

  • "Vampire" Milosevic Slain, But His Legacy Still Survives

  • Guards to protect Milosevic's body from vampire hunters

  • Thieves Attack Bulgarian Church to Steal Skeleton of Tzar's Killer

  • Hollywood awakens Faulkner’s vampire story


Issue 4. April

  • Grand’s Youth Theatre Get Their Teen Into Dracula

  • Suicidal 'vampire' man rescued

  • 3 arrested in Guyanese village's lynching of suspected vampire


Issue 5. May

  • Trio charged with murder of woman at Bare Root

  • Hawke bites on "Daybreakers" vampire thriller

  • Restored Hammer Classic 'Dracula' To Screen At Cannes

  • Dracula Remains Very Much Un-Dead


Issue 6. June

  • Man gets 20 years for killing woman he believed was a vampire


Issue 7. July

  • Man Beats Peacock He Says Was Vampire

  • Proyas tapped for 'Dracula Year Zero'

  • Castle fit for Dracula -- yours for $85 million

  • A vampire on the streets of Bucharest


Issue 8. August

  • New species of bat, frogs found in Congo

  • Vampire tale takes bite out of 'Potter'
    Eclipse of the Harry: Stephenie Meyer's teen vampire tale bumped J.K. Rowling's teen wizard story from the No. 1 spot.

  • Book Folks: Vampire tale pulls in millions


Issue 9. September

  • Hound Dracula is 'vampire dog'

  • 'Vampire' arrested in Hong Kong

  • The Romanian chapter of Transylvanian Society of Dracula mourns the demise of one of its founder-members

  • The Transylvanian Society of Dracula conference in may 2008


Issue 10. October

  • Sofia's New Dramatic Theatre Opens Season

  • Frankenstein, Dracula and the birth of the modern-day vampire

  • Chinese 'Vampire' gets two months in jail

  • The real vampire slayers

  • Vampires in Afghanistan? Soldiers say it's true

  • Trail doesn't go dead for archaeologists traveling back in time



Issue 11. November

  • Kill suspect - 'I'm a vampire'

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar changes her name

  • The real Dracula dies aged 67



Issue 12. December

  • 'Vampire' on the prowl

  • Mother of alleged vampire recruit back in classroom



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