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International Upire News (IUN)


Monthly from newspapers, magazines and webs       



 Vol 1 (2006)


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Issue 1. January

  • Vampire seeks Minnesota governor's job

  • A vampire musical without bite....

  • Bone-chilling, blood-draining fun in vampire tour

  • New course to explore vampire folklore

  • Vampire gubernatorial candidate arrested on warrants


Issue 2. February

  • Peles and Bran, in Romania, to be given back within a month

  • Adrienne Barbeau plans vampire novel

  • The Vampire at 75

  • From Russia, With All Kinds of Weird Stuff

  • Horror – Right before your eyes!

  • 'Night Watch': Vampire Chronicle, Can this Russian fantasy blockbuster win over jaded

  • Western eyes?

  • 'Vampire' thug bites passer-by's face

  • “Johnathan” jury No. 2 deliberates. First court case ended in a mistrial Second jury heard more on girlfriend

  • Vampire bats killing livestock in Colombia

  • LESTAT. What is it about bloodsuckers that Broadway producers find so irresistible?

  • Rice's vampire, Lestat, seeks life on Broadway

  • The Transylvanian Society of Dracula Symposium on “Compared folklore: the Supernatural categories”

  • New Documentary of National Geographic


Issue 3. March

  • Johnathan jury finds two teenagers guilty, frees one

  • Prison errors in 'vampire' death

  • Vampire killer' dies in prison

  • About the Bram Stoker’s typescript for Dracula


Issue 4. April

  • Self-proclaimed pagan claims she was fired due to bias

  • Minnesota gubernatorial candidate arrested here

  • Library handed 'rare' Dracula books

  • Indie film company options gay-themed novel Vampire Vow

  • Literary vein

  • 30 Days Eyes July Start

  • “Lestat” the latest toothless vampire musical

  • Critics drive stake through heart of Elton's vampire epic

  • Man busted in teen 'tryst' at graveyard

  • Staking the Park


Issue 5. May

  • Croatian 'Dracula' revived to lure tourists

  • Vampire arrest warrant

  • Dracula castle returns to bloodline

  • Vampires in the Adirondacks. Will the new vampire novel, The Dancing Valkyrie, keep hikers out of the woods?

  • Elton's savaged vampire musical to close


Issue 6. June

  • Hostage in 'vampire' attack horror

  • 'Vampire' rapist gets life term

  • 'Vampire' rapist was freed early

  • How to Spike a vampire. From the comics to the movie trilogy and now TV, the Blade saga continues

  • Vampire western

  • ‘Vampire’ accused of sexual assault


Issue 7. July

  • Southwest Florida is vampire film's set

  • Romanian government puts final nail in the coffin of Dracula theme park

  • New vampire musical heads for the hills

  • Dracula's origins explored in 'Year Zero'

  • Self proclaimed vampire charged with rape

  • Police: Predator Lured Victims Via Vampire Web Site


Issue 8. August

  • Modern Vampire Trilogy Offers New Twist on Timeless Classic

  • Playmate a vampire, cabby said

  • Warren and Suchet lift lid on Dracula for BBC1

  • Grave stone found

  • Irwing honored with plaque


Issue 9. September

  • Vampire Web site wants cleaner image

  • Vampire interest fake: Expert. Johnathan sentence battle

  • A vampire novel reveals the danger lurking in the Adirondacks

  • Canadian Web Host Drops Vampire Site

  • Playboy playmate sues cabby, NYPD

  • This Dracula is soulful and sexy  and loves to dance

  • Sink in your teeth: Nosferatu style returns for fall

  • Parents put Kofi, Spike and Blade on list of baby names. Would you name your child after Blade?

  • Johnathon revealed as brother sentenced


Issue 10. October

  • Interview with a vampire

  • Rogue Pictures Signs Vampire Comic

  • Evil incarnate.  So you think you know Dracula? Fulton’s new production may surprise you

  • Doctors Researching Blood Clotting Element In Vampire Bat Saliva

  • Dracula's in our blood. Playwright: 'He's a symbol of our dark side'

  • Dracula desk a legend in its own write

  • Professor sucks the life out of vampire tales. Math formula takes bite out of Dracula

  • London's Vampyre club seeks new recruits

  • Down for the Count: Vampire Bats Help Battle Strokes


Issue 11. November

  • Vampires come alive at garth's

  • [News about the “vampire of Borox”]


Issue 12. December

  • Cleared in her parents murders, she's moving past 'Vampire Cult'

  • 'Vampire rapist' dies of cancer

  • Dracula sinks teeth into Eastnor castle

  • Castle for sale, £40m. Would suit vampire

  • As Dracula image is laid to rest bats make a recovery


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